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JotLingo: The go-to app for note-taking, productivity and web research (http://www.jotlingo.com)

JotLingo is a simple yet robust system to take notes, capture & save all kinds of 'web-based material' of interest as well as manage scribbled notes and all other documents in your professional and everyday life. JotLingo enables you to easily annotate & share saved notes and documents with a single individual, a team or the world at large.

JotLingo empowers users to productively manage their digital interests while providing the compliance requirements and governance standards expected by businesses.

JotLingo was expanded from the success of RefMArc: The Reference Material Archive (http://www.RefMArc.com)

JotViva: The Enterprise Communications Platform (http://www.jotviva.com - Launching in August 2015)

JotViva is the Communication Platform for enterprises - large and small. Enables seamless retention of enterprise knowledge to enhance productivity. Launching in August 2015.

FastCrave (http://www.fastcrave.com)

A local, 'mobile first' business that addresses pain points in the $160B fast-food market. FastCrave presents local fast food options to consumers while providing opportunities for merchants to reach out and present customized offers to consumers in the 'buying cycle'.

Last updated on: May 20, 2015
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